"Don't live according to your limitations... live beyond them"

Sparrows book is now available for pre-orders. Visit our "Perfectly Sparrow" gift page to order your signed copy.

A darling little Sparrow fan enjoying  her Perfectly Sparrow book. This is Bailey Grace, owned by Janet Lee Fowler, (photo courtesy of Janet). 

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 About Me

My name is Sparrow. I am a red male Australian Terrier. I was born at the home of Dunham Lake Aussies, 
 on October 6, 2012.

 I was born without my front right leg, which makes me a bit unique. I am just like my brothers and sisters, I can play, walk, run and growl too.

 I have many friends all over the world that have been cheering and praying for me, to which I am very grateful.

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