My Accomplishments:

1.  Living.  When I was first born,  a few people said because I wasn't "perfect" in their eyes, I was not good enough to live. Thankfully, my human family did not agree, it was NEVER even a slight consideration to them. The reason this happened to me is not yet determined.  However, we  know for sure it was not due to improper breeding. Could it be related to my genetic make up? Maybe. Was this just a fluke? Perhaps. Most likely scenario according to top Veterinarian Geneticist is my mother may have been exposed to something toxic during her first couple weeks of pregnancy. Something clearly that is not easy to figure out, because she has an excellent family. They are still investigating possibilities. What is most important and all I know for sure, is I am very happy, smart and very loved by many all over the world. 

There have been many people all over the United States that were hoping I would be a part of their forever family. But I am going to stay where I was born. They love me and know best how to care for me. I am very happy about that decision.

2. Nursing. It was very hard for me to nurse because I could not balance well without my other front leg.  That was not a problem for my human family, they helped feed me every 1 1/2 to 2 hours 24/7 for the first 3 1/2 weeks of my life. I was also given a baby bottle with warm goats milk, liver broth, and egg and later on some baby rice cereal at most feedings.

3. Eating. I am a very good eater and can eat cereal and puppy mash all by myself. Actually, I eat the best and the most out of all my other siblings.

4. Walking.  I can walk and play with my siblings, I can walk to my puppy pad and use it well. I can sit on my bottom, they say I look like a meerkat!  I can't go up and down the stairs yet, but I am trying.

5. Running. I can run! I am fast and I even can run along side my Australian Shepherd sister, when she walks. She has 4 legs and the are much bigger then mine and I only have 3 legs! I am really happy when I run.

6. Natural Stacker. My dog family is involved in dog shows. They have done very well, some are Grand Champions, my Aunt won the Best Bred-By at Eukanuba. I guess it must come natural to me, but I can even "stack" myself just like the show dogs in my family, That's pretty cool!

7. Visits. I love all people, young and old. One of my favorite things to do is visit the local Nursing Home. I go with my family almost every week. The residents love me there and look forward to me visiting. I show off a few of my tricks like sit and down but most of all I love to play fetch with my ball. They think it is so amazing that I retrieve the ball and I'm so fast too :)

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To live a full and normal life and grow up to be just
like my dad, Jake.